Upgrading Indian Motorcycle Shocks With JRi Adjustable Shocks

Indian Motorcycles are some of the most popular motorcycles on the road today. With many different models, motorcycle enthusiasts can find an Indian bike that fits their riding style. Just like car shocks, the shocks on your motorcycle can show signs of wear and tear, leading to a more uncomfortable ride. 

Upgrading Indian Motorcycle Shocks With JRi

Benefits Of Upgrading Indian Shocks

Upgrading your worn-out factory shocks for performance motorcycle shocks can have many great benefits. Let’s examine three of the best benefits of upgrading your factory shocks.

Better Ride Quality

Whether your old shocks are worn out, or you are simply upgrading from the factory shocks, aftermarket performance shocks, such as those from JRi, will give you a much better ride quality. These shocks are specifically tuned to increase ride quality for daily and performance driving.

Increased Performance

Built with performance in mind, JRi shocks have undergone years of research and development to provide the best-performing shocks available. The factory shocks on your Indian motorcycle are great for providing a smooth ride for daily driving, but they simply can’t keep up when it comes to performance. This is where JRi Indian shocks can make all the difference!

Motorcycle Handles Better

Old, worn-out shocks will give your motorcycle a bumpier ride and decrease its handling characteristics. Upgrading your shocks is a great way to increase handling and prepare it to take on the track!

JRi’s Indian Motorcycle Dual Adjustable Shocks

At JRi Shocks, we offer dual adjustable shocks for the following Indian motorcycles:

2014-2016 Indian Chief

2014-Current Indian Chieftain

2014-2019 Indian Scout

These shocks are designed to allow for dual adjustable damping and ride height adjustment via the spring preload. With 40 clicks of damping adjustment, you can fine-tune your suspension to give you a smooth and controlled ride. These JRi shocks are dyno-tested to ensure excellent performance and are rebuildable and serviceable for future maintenance.

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