What Is A Remote Reservoir Shock?

If you have researched any type of performance or off-road shock for your vehicle, you have most likely noticed shocks that feature an external reservoir or remote reservoir. These are usually found on top-of-the-line shocks and used in high-performance applications. Besides looking cool, remote reservoir shocks actually have a very important function. Today, we will look at what a remote reservoir shock is and why it is used in high-performance applications.

What Is A Remote Reservoir Shock?

About Remote Reservoir Shocks

A remote reservoir shock is a type of shock absorber used in off-road and high-performance vehicles, such as ATVs, Jeeps, and track-built sports cars. Developed by JRI Shocks–a leading manufacturer of shocks for all kinds of off-road vehicles–JRI remote reservoir shocks are designed to provide superior suspension performance in extreme conditions.

Off-Road Performance

When it comes to off-roading and challenging terrain, suspension performance is one of the most important components for ensuring safety and success. That’s why many drivers turn to JRI shocks—with their industry-leading remote reservoir technology. This technology allows the shock to have an increased in fluid capacity to help lower fluid temperature, reducing shock fade resulting from overheating.

How Remote Reservoir Shocks Work

Remote reservoir shocks are made up of two essential parts: an internal chamber that holds the pressurized fluid and an external reservoir that acts as a secondary storage tank for keeping the fluid at a constant level. The external reservoir is connected to the internal chamber via hoses which transfer hydraulic fluid between them, allowing adjustment of the pressure level inside the internal chamber in order to adjust damping rates. This adjustable damping feature gives drivers greater control over their off-roading experience and makes it easier to handle obstacles like mud or rocks without sacrificing comfort and performance along the way.


What really sets remote reservoir shocks apart from traditional non-adjustable shocks is their durability. The external reservoir helps protect the internal shock components from wear and tear due to heat buildup caused by long drives on tough terrain or high speeds in dry conditions, making them much more reliable than standard shocks over time. Additionally, since all adjustments can be made externally without having to open up or disassemble the shock itself, maintenance costs can be greatly reduced compared to traditional setups.

Remote Reservoir Shocks From JRI Shocks

For those looking for ultimate control over their suspension performance while out on challenging trails or roads—and who want a product that will last—JRI's remote reservoir shocks could be just what you need. With this unique technology, you can customize your ride according to your specific needs and enjoy increased durability thanks to its effective heat dissipation system. Experience improved handling capabilities under harsh conditions with JRI's remote reservoir shocks today!

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