5 Symptoms Of Worn Shocks

The shocks on your vehicle play an important role in how your vehicle handles, performs, and stops. Since shock absorbers are a wear item, you will have to replace them over time as they are designed to wear out. Let’s look at 5 symptoms you might experience if you have worn shocks.

Worn Shocks

5 Symptoms Of Worn Shocks

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Feeling vibrations in your steering wheel is a tale-tale sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. Unfortunately, this can be anything from worn shocks to an out-of-balance tire. If you are experiencing steering wheel vibrations, having your vehicle’s suspension inspected professionally is highly recommended to determine whether or not your shocks are to blame.

Uneven Tire Wear

Inspecting your tire tread routinely can give you a heads-up of any potential problems you were unaware of. From a front end out of alignment to shocks that need to be replaced, uneven tire wear indicates that you need a repair as soon as possible. 

Bouncy Ride

One of the most common symptoms of worn shocks is a bouncy ride. The shocks in your vehicle are designed to absorb the bumps in the roads and provide a comfortable driving experience. As shocks go out, their length of travel will increase, decreasing ride quality and allowing your car to bounce more than usual.

Rear Squat When Accelerating

A similar symptom to the one above, worn-out rear shocks will not keep your suspension as tight during acceleration. When you accelerate, weight transfers to the rear of your vehicle. If your shocks are worn out, your vehicle will squat very noticeably when accelerating.

Longer Stopping Distance

While it may not seem like a shock issue, if you notice that your stopping distances have increased, you may have worn shocks. The shocks in your vehicle play an important role in how your car stops. This is due to the shocks and struts helping to stabilize your vehicle’s movements.

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