JRI Off-Road Shocks

Off-roading is a very popular hobby enjoyed by car enthusiasts all over the world. From driving off-road trails to tackling some of the craziest terrains on earth, off-roading requires specific components to ensure your vehicle can handle the stress. Since your suspension is responsible for keeping you and your passengers comfortable, you are going to need a suspension built for off-roading to enjoy the hobby to the fullest. Off-road shocks are shocks that replace your factory shocks and are designed to give your vehicle the ability to drive off-road without the risk of easily wearing out your factory shocks. They also have longer travel to allow you to climb over difficult terrain.

JRI Off-Road Shocks

What Off-Road Shocks Are Available From JRI Shocks?

Currently, JRI Shocks offers performance shocks for 2007-2022 Jeep Wrangler JL, Gladiator JT, and JK models. These shocks are offered in both front and rear kits to give you a full-performance shock kit to get your Jeep ready for just about any trail. 

About JRI’s Off-Road Jeep Shocks

JRI's performance struts are nitrogen-pressurized monotube shocks that are designed specifically for off-road use. These struts are manufactured using the same components we use in our racing line of dampers. We custom-tune these shocks specifically for your Jeep chassis to improve ride quality, handling, and stability. Pair them up with a rear set of performance struts or buy them in a full kit to totally transform the suspension on your Jeep. Take your Jeep to the next level with this JRi performance front shock kit.

Do I Need Off-Road Shocks?

If you plan to tackle tougher terrain on the trails or any off-road setting, you will want suspension components designed for the task ahead. Your factory shocks are great for daily driving but are not made to be used and abused climbing over rocks or hitting mud holes. This can quickly wear out your OEM shocks and prevent you from using your off-road vehicle to its highest potential. Upgrading to an off-road shock will give you better performance, better handling, and longer travel to ensure you can easily tackle the off-road.

Off-Road Shocks From JRI Shocks

If you are ready to give your Jeep the best suspension available for your off-road adventures, trust JRI Shocks to supply you with high-performance shocks. With decades of experience in shock design, manufacturing, and testing, JRI has created a high-quality off-road shock that can take on the toughest of terrains. 

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