What Are Road Racing Shocks?

Road racing is a near and dear motorsport to Jeff Ryan, the founder of JRi Shocks. It is a sport that has been around for decades and provides drivers with more excitement than your standard drag racing. When it comes to road racing, having a high-performance suspension is key to winning races. Through Jeff’s extensive experience and success in open-wheel racing and having track records in all forms of motorsports, he developed the JRi road racing shocks.

Indy Car

What Are Road Racing Shocks?

JRi’s road racing shocks are uniquely developed to increase the performance of road racing vehicles. Currently, JRi offers Trans Am Series, Indycar, and Formula car shocks under the road racing shock series. 

What Are Trans Am TA2 Shocks?

The TA2 shock increased the frequency response through primary piston design while also increasing the compression and rebound adjustment range. You will also reduce friction in all areas, including breakaway seal friction. These shocks will meet SCCA Trans Am TA2 Cost Control Specifications. Other great features include Improved repeat-ability and stability in temperature fluctuations, improved grip, lightweight, and race proven. Ask about our custom packages!

What Are IndyCar Shocks?

When designing the IndyCar shock, JRi had one thing in mind improved grip. JRi studied the ultra-competitive IndyCar series for two years to develop the best shocks possible. We took the approach of offering very efficient and responsive damping characteristics.  By concentrating on these traits, the shock absorber has less secondary componentry than our competitors resulting in a clean damping delivery system. This resulted in a much more coherent damper relative to the many different frequency inputs.  JRi also understands the precise tolerances and finishes involved to maintain this level of performance, and the IC-13 upholds the highest standard through our ISO 9001 quality assurance.  Electronic componentry is available for subjective track testing and objective 7-post testing to improve testing and tuning time.

What Are Formula Car Shocks?

JRi shocks offer different lengths and adjustability range to fit various vehicle platforms. Our formula car shocks offer an increased frequency response through primary piston designs and a varying level of compression/rebound adjustments. You will get reduced friction in all areas, including breakaway seal friction. These shocks are cost-effective and improve grip and stability in temperature fluctuations. Each formula shock is lightweight, race-proven, and custom-built to meet the driver's specific needs. Choose from non-adjustable, single adjustable, double adjustable, 3-way, and 4-way options to get the best shock to fine-tune your suspension for your type of racing. Whether your race car is a custom-designed chassis or showroom stock, JRi can provide shocks for your racing needs.

High-Performance Shocks From JRi Performance

If you are ready to take your road racing car to the next level, JRI Performance road racing shocks are the solution. Check out our full selection of Road Race Shocks to see what we have to offer. If you have questions regarding our shocks or want more information about our road racing Shocks, fill out our contact us page, and our shock experts will be happy to help!

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