What Are JRi Builder Series Shocks?

Whether you are building a street car, drag car, or track car, you will need good suspension to put all that power to the ground and get good handling. One of the most important aspects of your suspension is the shock. While you can find specific spec shocks throughout the aftermarket marketplace, sometimes these shocks don't meet your specific needs. You will need a specific shock built for your application in these cases. At JRi shocks, we offer high-quality Builder Series shocks that offer you an off-the-shelf, performance-purpose shock. 

What Are JRi Builder Series Shocks

What Are JRi Builder Series Shocks?

JRi’s Builder Series shocks are offered in single-adjustable and double-adjustable options, with the double-adjustable offering more advanced features. With a double adjustable builder series shock, you can adjust high speed rebound and low speed compression independently with a sweeper-style adjuster and Ride Height adjustability via spring preload. This type of adjuster is a great option for serious racers or casual drivers who want the ability to adjust their cars to a specific driving style.

The single and double-adjustable JRi builder series shocks are available in different strokes, extended, compressed, and recommended ride height lengths to get the perfect performance for your specific needs.

Technical Advantages

  • Multiple stroke length options are available.
  • Each stroke corresponds to a pre-determined overall length (full extended length)
  • Spherical bearings to prevent binding up during shock travel
  • Spherical bearings are 1-inch wide and accept a ½ inch bolt
  • Performance-based setting for improved handling
  • Ride Height is adjustable via the spring preload
  • Shocks use standard 2.5” ID springs
  • The damping adjuster is located at the bottom of the shock shaft
  • The large range of adjustment in all JRi shocks allows the end user to fine-tune their favorite ride into the ride they desire
  • All builder series shocks are designed to contain a large volume of nitrogen to maintain performance even under the hottest conditions
  • The nitrogen and oil are separated so that the shocks will perform the same in any mounting orientation
  • Rebuildable and serviceable
  • Each shock is dyno-tested ensuring excellent performance
  • If the desired stroke is not known or the shocks are going on a custom build, please consult the document in the Technical Tab for more information

Builder Series Shocks From JRi Shocks

If you have any questions regarding JRi’s builder series shocks, feel free to fill out our contact us form, and a JRi representative will be happy to assist. We strive to give you the best customer service while providing the highest-quality products in the industry..

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