Upgrading Harley Davidson Shocks With JRi Adjustable Shocks

As the most recognized name in the motorcycle industry, it's no surprise that Harley-Davidson is the go-to motorcycle for most enthusiasts. Built with the highest-quality parts available, Harley-Davidson motorcycles offer great performance and some of the most comfortable suspensions on the market. As the miles start racking up on your motorcycle, your factory shocks can wear down, making your motorcycle uncomfortable. 

Harley Davidson Shocks


Why Should I Upgrade My Harley Davidson Shocks?

Whether you are replacing your old factory shocks or simply want a better-performing suspension, upgrading to JRi shocks is the answer. JRi shocks will give you the following benefits to transform your Harley-Davidson:

Increases Your Ride Quality

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading your shocks is that you get an increase in ride quality. Performance shocks are one of the best ways to get a more comfortable ride while increasing the performance of your suspension. 

It Gives You Better Performance

Speaking of suspension performance, each JRi shock is built to provide you with the best performance possible. Whether you want to track your Harley or get better street performance, JRi shocks are the way to go.

You Get Better Handling

Your Harley-Davidson handles well from the factory, but as time goes on, your suspension components can start to wear out, decreasing the handling characteristics of your motorcycle. Restore and upgrade your Harley’s handling with a set of performance shocks from JRi.

JRi’s Harley Davidson Dual & Ride Height Adjustable Shocks

JRi’s dual & ride height adjustable shocks allow dual adjustable damping and ride height adjustment via the spring preload. With 40 clicks of damping adjustment, you can fine-tune your suspension to give you a smooth and controlled ride. This JRi shock is dyno-tested to ensure excellent performance and is rebuildable and serviceable for future maintenance. JRi has built these shock to maximize your comfort levels with high-performance bushings and a bump stop to soften bottoming events.

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