Toyota Is Going All-Chips-In With The GR86

With the revitalization of the Supra, Toyota has certainly been making waves in the sports car industry over the past decade. The GR86, another highly-modified Toyota vehicle, has quickly become the car of choice for sports car-minded enthusiasts. It seems that Toyota is going all-chips-in with the GR86 with their latest collaboration with Gazoo Racing with the GR cup.
Toyota Is Going All-Chips-In With The GR86
The GR Cup is a US-only single-make racing series that features homologated GR86 Cup cars. The first season of the GR cup is going to include 14 events and we should have details of track locations and GR86 Cup pricing coming soon.
If you were at SEMA years ago, you may remember the 2017 GT 86 Cup Car. If so, the new 2023 GR86 Cup racer is very similar. Starting with a new 2023 GR86, it gets a full racing treatment with a roll cage, tall wing, and other safety and basic aerodynamic features. The heart of the Cup car will be a 2.4L flat-four engine with a  Bosch engine management system, a Borla exhaust kit, and a SADEV six-speed sequential manual transmission. You will also get a set of Alcon brakes, Toyota Gazoo Racing North America-built front MacPherson struts, carbon-fiber wing, and Stratasys custom bodywork. Finishing off the suspension a set of JRI adjustable shocks in the rear.

Each GR Cups GR86 car will be built at the Mooresville, North Carolina Toyota Racing Development (TRD) center. This is the racing capital of the US and in the backyard of NASCAR Country, so you know these cars will be in good hands. 

We cannot wait to see more of this series and how JRI shocks help propel the GR86 to perform at its peak performance. If you want to learn more about the new GR Cup Racer, check out Car & Driver's coverage.

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