JRI Shocks Powered Trans Am SGT Camaro By Turn Key Motorsports

If you didn’t make it to the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI), you missed a lot of news from the motorsports industry. One of the more exciting vehicles unveiled was the SGT Camaro built by Turn Key Motorsports. This Camaro can be fully customized to the end customer’s exact specification to race in either class, meaning it can be upgraded from GT to SGT at any time. Today, we will dive deeply into this new Camaro to give you a better idea of what it is equipped with. 

JRI Shocks Powered Trans Am SGT Camaro By Turn Key Motorsports

The Turn Key Motorsports Trans Am SGT Camaro


At the heart of this high-horsepower, track-ready Camaro is a 6.2-liter LTI port fuel-injected engine. As far as transmissions go, you can choose from a 6-speed manual gated shifter or a sequential 6XD automatic transmission. This allows quick and easy shifting when competing in the fast-paced, 100-mile race.


With a high-performance vehicle designed for fast pace racing, you will need a suspension that matches. Turn Key Motorsports sought out the best of the best for this Camaro. JRi shocks and struts ensure you get the most responsive suspension possible on this SGT.


In the cockpit of the Camaro is a uniquely designed interior that features some of the best parts in the industry. A Racetech driver’s seat offers a lightweight alternative to the factory seats that keep you planted when racing. An MPI removable steering wheel and AIM MXG 1.2 digital dash also add performance and aesthetically pleasing upgrades.


The exterior of this SGT Camaro definitely makes a statement and showcases its race-ready performance attributes. An aggressive front splitter and functional rear spoiler add some much needed aero that helps the Camaro outperform the competition on the track. A custom Chevrolet decal trails down the side of the white SGT Camaro for a race-inspired look. Aftermarket wheels and other exterior upgrades were added to give the Trans Am series Camaro the perfect mix of form and function.

Price Point

Now let’s get down to the most important aspect - the price. Currently, the starting price point for the Turn Key Motorsports Trans Am SGT Camaro is $110,000 and can be purchased through Turn Key Motorsports. 

If you want the same great suspension featured on this Camaro, you can shop our full selection of JRi shocks at our website. If you have any questions regarding JRi’s shocks, feel free to fill out our contact us form, and a JRi representative will be happy to assist.

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