EV Classic Bronco Equipped With JRi Shocks

With the release of a full EV lineup from Ford, one can only expect that this industry leader might be moving more of their vehicles to fully electric. With the return of the highly-anticipated Ford Bronco, some thought that Ford might have offered an EV model, but that was not the case.

EV Classic Bronco

While Ford did not offer an EV Bronco from the factory, that did not stop aftermarket companies such as Gateway Bronco from making this a reality. As a company known for building higher-end classic Broncos with a retromod twist, who better than to build a full line of electric model classic Broncos? 

Gateway Bronco offers two EV Bronco models, the Fuelie Electric and the Luce-GT Electric. With the Fuelie, you will get about 200 miles of range. If you need more range, you can step up to the Luxe-GT Electric for about 300 miles of range. These EV Broncos are equipped with an electric motor that puts out 295 horsepower with a 4.7 second 0-60 time. Worried about longevity? Gateway warranties the batteries and powertrain for 7 years.

At first glance, you would never know that this classic Bronco was EV powered. The vintage body lifted suspension and classic style wheels are all things you would expect from an internal combustion engine-equipped Bronco.

Speaking of suspension, Gateway Bronco equipped the Fuelie and Luxe-GT with JRi shocks electronically adjustable coil over suspension. This gives great clearance for the 18-inch wheels and massive 33” tires. You will still get the same great solid axles in the front and rear with a two speed, four-wheel drive transfer case. 

So what's it going to cost? Well, that’s where things get pretty interesting. The Fuelie Electric in the base form will start at $260,000, and the Luxe-GT Electric will bring a hefty price tag of $380,000. While this may seem high, you have to consider the prices of classic Broncos and the quality of parts that are on the car. 

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