How JRi's Ride Height System Works

It is no secret that JRi Shocks provides some of the best suspension components in the industry. With most of our products revolving around adjustable shocks, we continuously innovate to bring you the newest technology for your vehicle’s suspension system. Today, we will look at one of our latest offerings, the JRi Ride Height System

How JRi's Ride Height System Works

What Is JRi’s Ride Height System?

JRi’s ride height system is an automotive suspension system that allows you to raise and lower your vehicle at the push of a button. With a normal, static suspension system, you usually have to compromise with a specific setup for your main use of the vehicle. For instance, drag cars will require drag suspension and street cars will require street suspension. With JRi’s Ride Height System, you can easily adjust your suspension to match the type of driving you will be doing.

JRi’s Ride Height system does not use air. Instead, it uses a hydraulic pump to raise and lower the vehicle. This allows a quieter operation, more durable seals, and more consistent performance than air suspensions. This system does not require the use of a large air tank, and the hydraulic system does not affect the spring rate of your vehicle. This allows you to fine-tune your suspension performance. Thanks to the adjustable spring perches, you will also benefit from corner balancing and fine adjustments.

How Does It Work

The JRi Ride Height system replaces your factory shocks with the JRi shocks designed to operate with a hydraulic pump. You can raise and lower your vehicle to adjust your ride height and suspension performance at the push of a button. This system will allow 1-5” of ride height control, depending on the shock length and suspension type, while maintaining JR’s high-quality ride and handling characteristics. Typical lift time is 5-7 seconds.

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