Mooresville, NC- The same high-performance technologies and principles used in all of our racing shocks from NASCAR to Indy Car to Drag Racing are now available for the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Platform. Corvettes are known for performance, speed and style. The JRi C7 shocks enhance ride quality while providing superior grip. These shocks are nitrogen charged for added consistency, better performance and longevity. The JRi double adjustable coilover shocks allow for dynamic low speed and high speed control optimizing handling and providing enhanced response time for the desired application. These shocks can upgrade performance in a multitude of applications including, but not limited to; daily driving, street use, autocross and competitive on-track use. These shocks were developed in house utilizing real-world testing by Danny Popp of RAFT Motorsports, Seven-Time SCCA Solo II National Champion.

Specific valving is available for street, road course and drag racing applications. Springs and thrust washers sold separately.

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