What Are Street Shocks?

When it comes to street performance, there are many different ways you can increase performance. You can add power, improve aerodynamics, and increase your suspension performance. Your suspension dictates how you transfer power and how safely you can use all of your power, so this is not an area that you will want to cheap out on.

Dodge Viper

JRi Shocks saw the need for a high-performance racing shock in the street performance market to give you the advantage in race mode, autocross, and road course while not sacrificing ride comfort. Our team used the same technology found in our racing shocks and applied them to a street shock to give your street car better handling on and off the track.

What Are Street Shocks?

JRi Street Shocks are shocks designed for your street car that use the same high-performance technologies and principles that we use in all of our racing shocks. From NASCAR to IndyCar to Drag Racing, you get the same great benefits in performance in a shock designed specifically for the street. These shocks have been built for low and high-speed control, optimizing handling and providing better response time. The shocks in this kit are nitrogen charged for added consistency providing better performance and longevity.

Single Adjustable Vs Double Adjustable

With a single adjustable shock, one knob on the shock will allow you to turn through a range of clicks of adjustment. Each click adjusts the rebound damping and the compression damping at the same time. This means that the rebound damping gets stuff at the same time as the compression damping. The compression damping will not get as stiff as the rebound damping, but it will make the whole shock softer or stiffer. 


With a double adjustable shock, the oil in the shock will be routed through two adjusters. This allows you to have a full stiff setting and a full soft setting. This will also give you a wider range of adjustment capabilities to fine-tune your suspension for racing applications. Double adjustable shocks are perfect for drag racing applications where the front shock will need to come apart quickly to transfer weight, but not as fast when it runs out of travel.

Can I Use Street Shocks For Racing?

Absolutely! The JRi Street Shocks are designed for street cars that see the occasional trip to the track. The Street Shocks use the same technologies and principles as our racing shocks, giving you a competitive advantage on your street car. We recommend Street Shocks for non-hardcore racing, where our Drag Shock or Road Racing shock series might be a better option.

High-Performance Street Shocks From JRi Performance

If you are ready to take your street car to the next level, JRI Performance street shocks are the solution. Check out our full selection of Street Shocks to see what we have to offer. If you have questions regarding our shocks or want more information about our Street Shocks, fill out our contact us page, and our shock experts will be happy to help!

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