What Are Drag Shocks?

Drag racing is one of the most popular styles of racing and dates back nearly a century. As one of the only motorsports that can be done by just about any vehicle, drag racing is one of the most universal racing sports available. While you can take your stock car down the drag strip and get an ET, getting the most from your vehicle requires adding power and upgrading your suspension. At JRi Shocks, we take our drag racing pretty seriously. That is why we have developed a specific line of shocks for drag racing called JRI Drag Shocks. 

Drag Car

What Are Drag Shocks?

JRi’s drag shocks were designed to meet the extreme and unique demands of drag racing. The weight transfer and shock that your suspension gets from launching your vehicle at high RPM levels is unlike any other type of racing. This requires a specific type of shock to handle this abuse repeatedly without missing a beat. After in-depth research and development, JRi custom designed and built the highest-performing shocks and struts on the market. JRi drag shocks feature several variations, from the most popular and successful double adjustable to the high-end 4-way adjustable with air assist. These shocks give your drag car a competitive edge and are completely serviceable for easy rebuilding.

How Many Adjustments Do I Need?

When shopping our JRi drag shock selection, you will notice that you can choose between nonadjustable, single, double, triple, and 4-way adjustable shocks. What does this all mean? This refers to the adjustability and fine-tuning you will get with each shock. For those who simply want a basic drag shock that does not need to be adjusted, a non-adjustable drag shock will be fine. For those who want adjustability to fine-tune their suspension, you can choose your level of adjustability by moving your way up from double to 4-way adjustability. For more information regarding non, single, and double adjustable shocks, check out our Non-Adjustable vs Single Adjustable Vs Double Adjustable guide.

Can I Use Drag Shocks For Daily Driving?

When it comes to shocks that are designed with a specific purpose, such as drag shocks, it is best to use these in vehicles specifically built for drag racing. These shocks have specific characteristics that allow them to perform best for drag racing where a specific valving is used. Using them for daily driving can result in a bad driving experience as they are not designed to dampen the bumps felt in public roadways. For daily driving, we suggest using our Street Series shocks as they offer more comfort for daily driving. 

High-Performance Drag Shocks From JRi Performance

If you are ready to take your drag car to the next level, JRI Performance drag shocks are the solution. Check out our full selection of Drag Shocks to see what we have to offer. If you have questions regarding our shocks or want more information about our Drag Shocks, fill out our contact us page, and our shock experts will be happy to help!

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