JRi Shock Services Explained

Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to increase performance and give you the correct weight transfer in racing applications. Over time, shocks can wear out due to hard driving or simply from old age. When shocks become worn, you will usually have to replace them with new units, and if you are running performance shocks, this price can be hefty. Unlike other shocks on the market, each shock engineered and built by JRi is designed to be 100% serviceable and rebuildable. This makes servicing your shock easy, allowing you to get back on the road quicker. 

Today, we will look at what shock services are, what shocks can be rebuilt, and how you can get yours rebuilt.

JRi Shocks Explained

What Are JRi’s Shock Services?

The JRi-authorized factory shock service covers non-adjustable, single-adjustable, double-adjustable, and triple/four-way adjustable shocks. This means that any shock you have purchased from JRi can be repaired or serviced at our facility. 

To get your shocks serviced with JRi, complete the following steps:

  1. Order the correct service for your shocks.
  2. Print your order confirmation and enclose it with your shipment.
  3. JRi suggests using a trackable service such as UPS or FedEx, as we will not be responsible for lost customer property in transit.
  4. Include notes on what you wish for our technicians to address.
  5. Ship to the following address:

JRi Shocks

Attn: Service

116 Infield Court

Mooresville, NC 28117

If your JRi shock needs parts or additional labor not included in the standard shock service, you will be contacted for authorization to proceed with any further work. The price for needed parts and estimated hours will be provided at that time. Re-valving is also available for your JRi Shocks at an additional price. Please speak with a JRi Representative to determine which valving best fits your needs.

Important: Please record all shock adjuster settings before sending shocks in for service. Our technicians will reset settings to the original factory settings to ensure proper function and adjustment range. Remove all monoball spacers and springs before shipping.

If you have any questions regarding JRi’s shocks or shock services, feel free to fill out our contact us form, and a JRi representative will be happy to assist. We strive to give you the best customer service while providing the highest-quality products in the industry. Shop our full selection of JRi shocks to upgrade your suspension or visit our JRi shock services pages to get yours rebuilt.

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