Non Adjustable vs Single Adjustable vs Double Adjustable Shocks

When choosing your next suspension components, knowing exactly what you need for the best performance is vital. When it comes to shocks, you have a few different choices, depending on what your goals are for the car. At JRi Shocks, we offer non-adjustable, single, and double-adjustable shocks to cater to the daily driver up to the purpose-built race car. Today, we will look at the difference between these shocks to give you a better idea of which will be best suited for your application.


Non-Adjustable Shocks

While it may go without saying, non-adjustable shocks are the replacement style shocks that can either have OEM qualities or be a performance upgrade. These shocks do not have adjustability features, so you will not be able to fine-tune your shocks. These are usually best suited for daily driving and light-duty racing such as weekend trips to the track.

Single-Adjustable Shocks

On single adjustable shocks, you get one knob that allows you to turn through various clicks of adjustment. Each click will adjust both the rebound damping and compression damping simultaneously. As the rebound damping gets stuff, so does the compression damping. The compression damping will not get as stuff as the rebound damping, but it will make the whole shock softer or stiffer. 

Double-Adjustable Shocks

In a double-adjustable shock setup, the shock oil will be routed through both adjusters, allowing you to have full stiff on one setting while having full soft on the other. This allows for a wider range of adjustment possibilities for fine-tuning your suspension for racing. These are great for drag racing applications where the front shock needs to come apart quickly to transfer weight, but not as fast when it runs out of travel. If done correctly, you can pick up time in your ETs with front suspension tuning.

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